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Privacy Policy

In compliance with the legislative decrees n. 69/2012 and 70/2012 we would like you to inform about the following:
We use cookies in order to improve the surfing of our website and to enable you to buy the tours you are interested in.
The cookies that we use do not damage your system and do not alter the settings of your computer.

What are cookies?

Cookies are short text sequences (not necessarily files inside the computer). A server transfers them to a client (so from one website to one visitor) and later they are transferred back in order to be read by the server. Cookies enable the site to remember visitors’ preferences and other information (such as automatic authentications, language, size and type of text, location and much more). Every piece of information that is useful for the surfing (or also for statistical purposes) is saved, memorized and used for any future visit.

What information am I giving and to whom?

During the surfing of our website, you will not be asked personal information without your consent.
All the information collected will be employed only for internal statistical purposes and will not be given to third parties.

Social Networks:

While surfing our website, your social network profile you are currently using or you are logged in might be active on our website.
Don’t worry about it. We are not memorizing any personal detail from your social network profile. Your social network information are simply memorized on your computer and consequently you can find them also on our website.

How to disable cookies

You can find below the guidelines of the most popular browsers in order to disable cookies: